Monday, May 6, 2013

More cork jars available on Etsy

Think of the magic you can do with these jars. 
Another item that I was taking photos of were a new butch of small cork jars that my wife hand-throws on the potter's wheel. I was experimenting with the camera again, trying to learn how to take better photos...with mixed results (my wife, the art teacher would not give me a passing grade for this photo).

Now, I like this photo--my wife doesn't. It was an experiment. One of the difficulties that I have taking photos of her pottery is that the glaze is so shiny, and occasionally the camera I am using has a difficult time recording the true color of the glaze. So in this photo, I was experimenting to see if a white background would help. My wife disapproves of the picture because I used wrinkled paper. *sigh*

These corked herb jars are available on her Etsy--Celtic Soul Jewelry and Pottery page for $18 (American) apiece.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

More mortar and pestles available on Etsy

Cobalt blue mortar and pestle.
The last couple of days, I have been taking pictures of pottery that my wife is putting up on her Esty--Celtic Soul Jewelry and Pottery page. Today, she posted five new mortar and pestles (various colors). My personal favorite this bunch of photos (of the mortars that is) was the cobalt blue mortar and pestle against the purple background. For those who have not heard me cuss about it, the cobalt blue glaze is really shiny and hard to take good photos of (especially if I am trying to show its actual color). This shot actually shows you its actual color, so I am very happy with the photo. This particular cobalt blue mortar and pestle is available for $19 (American)--though she did not use this photo on the sales page. (We seldom agree about the photos which should be used...but that is a post for another day, isn't it?)

So many mortar and pestles to choose from.