Saturday, November 12, 2016

Last chance for custom-orders (2016 production cycle)

It is your last chance to get a custom-order chalice or coffee mug this year. The deadline for getting custom-orders in for 2016 is November 18th.

The option for custom-orders will remain closed until March 2017, due to scheduling issues.

For chalices, visit Khari's Wiccan Treasures on Etsy:

For coffee mugs, visit Celtic Soul Jewelry and Pottery on Etsy:

Lavender Triple Moon Chalice

Blue pat paw coffee mug

Lime green pentacle triple moon chalice

Red pet paw coffee mug

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Fifteen percent off coupon (Khari's Wiccan Treasures)

Now offering 15% off any purchase of $10 or more on Khari's Wiccan Treasures Etsy website. Just enter coupon code THANKYOU15, all caps, at check out. Go to

This offer is good until August 31st, 2016.

Don't see what you want--private message Khari though Etsy. Custom-made chalices, pentacles, coffee mugs, and altar sets available.

Pansy Purple on lavender Triple Moon Goddess chalice.

Witchy Woman coffee mug in crazed copper.

Pansy purple on cobalt blue mortar and pestle (very durable).

Triple Moon Goddess cone incense burner.

Crazed copper Triple Moon Goddess cone incense burner.

Pansy purple on lavender Hocus Pocus coffee mug.

Dark green on lime green Triple Moon Pentacle chalice.

Lime green Triple Moon Pentacle coffee mug.

Stormy sea pentacle decorated chalice.

Shino mortar and pestle (for grinding up herbs).

Plus we have many other options for the discerning witch and magician.
Photography done by Morgan Drake Eckstein 2016. 

Friday, July 8, 2016

Dandelion Market show (July 9th Denver, Colorado)

Come see my dog & cat paw print mugs (and other stuff) at the Dandelion Artisan Market at Girls Inc., July 9th from 11 to 4 pm. I will be selling my pottery and jewelry at this artisan market that benefits girls in poverty at Girls Inc. This is a fantastic organization that helps young women continue to be strong, smart and bold! Ten percent of the sales go to Girls Inc.

July 9th Dandelion Artisan Market will be held at Girls Inc. located at 1499 Julian St, Denver, CO 80204.

I will have cat and dog paw coffee mugs.
Tea bowls and soap dishes.
Jewelry and mortar & pestles.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Open house event July 2nd and 3rd 2016

Come join us at the Open House event.
House of Bast Art Studio--Celtic Soul Jewelry and Pottery, and Khari's Wiccan Treasures—July 2016 Open House

July 2nd & 3rd
House of Bast—2727 Cook St., Denver, Colorado USA
Studio is located on the south side next to the alley.

At the Open House & Studio Tour, we will have pottery for sale, pottery throwing demos, pottery lessons, Kid's Clay Korner, and refreshments.

The hours will be 11 am to 6 pm on Saturday, July 2nd, and 12 pm to 6pm on Sunday.

Pottery lessons will be from 1 to 5 pm each day. Come see our studio!

Some of the pottery available for purchase. 

Some more pottery available for purchase. 
Call 303-815-8211 for information if you get lost. 

Making an event flyer (four to a page)

This is the type of four flyer to page event flier we are making here. 
Occasionally, it is necessary to make a flyer for your business. And if you are anything like me, you need to mutter to yourself, trying to remember the steps to take. Here are the steps to make a four flyers per page document in Microsoft Office--Word.

First open Word, hit the "file" tab, and select "new document." For this task, we are going to use a template. And in this case, our template is in the Small Business template folder.

Step one--get to the Small Business folder. 
 Once inside the Small Business template folder, stroll down until you find the desired template. In this case, it is "Event Flyer (4-up).

Step two--select desired flyer template. 
 After opening the flyer template, start editing the information fields. Do NOT turn off the Content Control--it needs to be on, so that all cells update with the desired information.

Step three--edit the information. 
After this, it is a matter of proof reading and printing. 

Step four--proof read and print.
Easy peasy--right?

[Of course, if you are anything like me, at some point in the process, you are screaming at the top of your lungs at Microsoft Word---I recommend a strong cup of tea for that.]

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

When pots go wrong (and we have to start all over again)

One of the hazards making handmade wheel thrown pottery is that occasionally the clay ends up being too thin in some places, requiring one to re-throw the piece. Here we have the bottom of a wheel thrown urn being too thin.

And this is just one of the reasons why handmade wheel thrown pottery takes so long to make. (It is a six stage process, requiring several days, even under the best of conditions, between the stages.)

The bottom of this wheel thrown urn was too thin.

Really, really too thin.

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Latest test tiles

The latest test tiles fresh from my kiln.

New color combinations April 2016.
Test tiles are a way for a potter to test glaze combinations to see how they look together. It is necessary to do so because of the chemical changes that happen during the glaze firings. Some glazes that you think would look good together will have chemicals that react with each other and produce fugly results. The only way to make sure that the glazes will look nice with one another is to actually use them, and test tiles allow you to do so without having to risk ruining an entire piece of pottery in the process.