Glaze Color Palette

Each artist has their own unique color palette that they work with. This includes potters, who are restricted in their color palette by equipment being used, glazes available to them, and personal preference. The following cork jars represent the color palette of Celtic Soul Jewelry and Pottery. Sorry, no bright reds, yellows, oranges, and definitely no pink!

Saturated iron with black dipped rim
Saturated iron with brown dipped rim
Blue purple
Sapphire blue with royal blue dipped rim
Blue purple with pansy purple dipped rim
Chrome green with black dipped rim
Oasis blue
Gunmetal green with royal blue rim
Firebrick red with brown dipped rim
Firebrick red
Chrome green
Pam's blue
Stormy sea green with black dipped rim.
Mint green

Mottled blue (varies from blue to green depending upon random conditions)
Sapphire blue