Saturday, March 10, 2012

Some new work is about to be uploaded

Loyal employee sets up jewelry pieces for the photographer.
 Regular followers of my wife's work will have noticed that it has been awhile since she has posted any new items to her Etsy store. Basically, she has been drowning in the work for her Masters program. Despite this, the occasional piece of jewelry has been completed.

The resulting pieces of jewelry have been slowly filling up my photography box (I have a box where the pieces that need photos taken of are stored until I get done doing my job). Yesterday, because of the nice weather and because I could not stand looking at another piece of homework, I went outside to take some photos.

This thrilled Mortimer, the outside cat and studio assistant. He had great fun getting into the various shots, eventually taking over the entire shoot.

I am not sure when Toni is going to be posting the new items--I am not sure that I took enourgh photos--but I can tell you that it will be soon.

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