Sunday, September 4, 2011

September 2011 Employee of the month

Montimer Sabrehagen --- September Employee of the Month

Montimer hard at work setting up jewelry for the photographs

Montimer gets right into the midst of the action
Something every business needs is good employees. And Celtic Soul Jewelry and Pottery has some of the best employees around. This month's employee of the month is Montimer Sabrehagen. Montimer is a photographer assistant, and also occasionally helps out Toni in the studio.

During a photo session, Montimer gets right in the midst of the action, helping set up shots by occasionally readjusting the placement of jewelry pieces. Montimer is such a hard worker, and deserves more variety in the selection of snacks available to the employees of Celtic Soul Jewelry and Pottery. Maybe some freeze dried shrimp is in order to reward him for all his hard work.

[Montimer is one of the cats that got fixed through the "trap and release" program. Since he gotten fixed, he has mellowed out a lot, actually letting Morgan and Toni pet him. He is currently plotting to become an indoor/outdoor kitty.]

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