Saturday, June 18, 2011

Morgan Drake Eckstein introduces himself

Hello everyone, I am Morgan Drake Eckstein, the photographer (and unofficial manager) for Celtic Soul Jewelry and Pottery. What does being the photographer entail? At the moment, it involves taking time away from my freelance writing to take hundreds of photos in hopes of getting a few usable photos of the jewelry that my wife is currently making. For instance, I took over three hundred photos (almost one gigabyte worth) today, and I think I got maybe a half-dozen that I can use. I would be upset about that, except that the lighting conditions were not the world's best; there was a cat who wanted attention at the same time; and I managed to get both the Facebook fanpage and this blog page set up today. Yes, I consider myself multi-talented---my wife considers me a loon. She may or may not be right. *wink*

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