Sunday, August 18, 2013

Cleaning out the old dead grazes

Is this were clown makeup comes from?
Yesterday, I was helping my wife clean out some buckets of old pottery glazes. (She was having a problem with one of the glazes, and she needs to start with a fresh batch of glaze to fix the problem.) And I amused myself by pretending this is where clown makeup comes from--trying to guess what the ingredient was. (For the record, my latest writing project involves some scary, creepy clowns--I see clown related stuff even when no clowns are involved.) True love is cleaning out the old glaze buckets. And on a bright note, my wife promises not to make any scary ceramic clowns...and maybe not even cool clowns either. (A lot of eye rolling has been done by my wife during the reading of this blog post--I think that she thinks that I am a little weird. Correction, she says that I am "a lot weird.")

Common sense of politicians.

Old dried out actor remains.
What sparkling vampires turn into?

Simply gross looking.

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