Wednesday, July 6, 2011

My brief workday today

Bracelet modeled by my dear wife
MDE here: Today, I edited a small batch of the jewelry photos that I took on Monday. Yes, my July 4th holiday was a work holiday. And yes, I still have five hundred photos to go though; a large number of them looked good on the first glance, so I have got a lot of editing still to do.

And more photos to take.

The setting that I am now using for the camera is working out better than the setting that I was using before. Amazing what you learn when you actually crack open the manual. In my defense, I never had to take these types of photos until recently.

So basically, if you are keeping score, I need to redo all the photos that I have already done before I discovered this camera setting.

Sent out fanpage suggestions to those on my Facebook friend list. I am hoping that those who are interested in following the progress of her jewelry and pottery business are willing to like the fanpage because I plan on eventually posting less news about it on my own personal wall and business pages.

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